Scissor Sisters Start The Year With A New Sound – Love It Or Hate It?

Scissor Sisters. You can always rely on them for writing the catchiest, campest and the best pop songs around, right? Well today, they meddled with their successful formula by releasing game-changing track “Shady Love”. So far, it’s received mixed responses from fans via Twitter, but has already been hailed as “the first pop stonker of 2012” by NME…probably because it features Azealia Banks who topped their ‘cool list’ late last year…which may itself have had something to do with the fact that she’s appearing on an NME-sponsored tour (Feel free to call me a cynic).

Anyway, as NME’s Nick Levine said “Whatever you were expecting from Scissor Sisters in 2012, this isn’t it”. Unless you were imagining Jake Shears rapping alongside a chorus from a hotly-tipped hipster of course. No? Well regardless of what the critics or the peeps of the internet say, the best way to judge the song itself is to listen to it so check it out below and leave your thoughts in a comment.

Rate or Hate? Or are you somewhere in the middle?