Question of the Day (The Oscars Edition): Who Should Win What?

According to internet, the nominees for the Oscars are up. You can peep those by going to this snazzy website. I decided to look at the list of movies that are up for awards and big shocker here, I haven’t seen any of them. I am not even lying. Not a one on that first page. Did you watch any of them?

Here’s a photo of a medal and that’s about as close to awards as we get to on Buzznet:

by Falafull

Anymews, are there any movies that you wish you saw nominated? Any actors you feel that didn’t make the cut? What do you think of this whole awards ceremony? Are you into this at all? Why wasn’t Fassbender suggested for anything? Whhhhhhhy?

Let us talk about the Oscars. Go!