Miley Cyrus Pranks Khloe Kardashian in a Cringe-Worthy Video!

Miley Cyrus is quite the little prankster, as we can see from the tweet she sent to Demi Lovato on how to deal with long interviews. But joking around with interviewers is nothing compared to the stunt she pulled on Khloe Kardashian! Miley invited Khloe to hang out with her and BFF Kelly Osbourne for what seemed to be a casual night in with the girls. But little did Khloe know what was in store for her!

In a teaser video for an upcoming episode of Punk’d, Khloe is having a night in with Miley and Kelly when a young food delivery man asks to use the bathroom in Miley’s house and pretends to get his naughty bits caught in his zipper, a la There’s Something About Mary. During the cringe fest, Khloe, who doesn’t realize she’s getting set up, calls 911 and calmly advices the guy on what to do while Miley and Kelly get frantic.

Check out the teaser video below:

Punk’d comes back on MTV March 19.

Do you think Miley’s prank on Khloe was too much or did she brilliantly pull it off? What’s the worst prank you’ve ever played on someone?