Who Is Katy Perry’s New Boyfriend?

Is Katy Perry is pulling a move straight from the Jennifer Lopez breakup handbook? It sure seems that way! The 27-year-old songstress is reportedly moving on from her breakup with husband Russell Brand with backup dancer Malik Le Nost from her tour as her new beau. Friends claim that the two have a platonic relationship, but sources say otherwise.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that the Sunday’s Mirror source revealed: “During the tour last year, Katy became extremely close to her band and backing dancers. They all lived in each other’s pockets and everyone knew how much Katy was suffering – not least of all Malik. Throughout her trip to India, Katy spent a lot of time with him the pair would often stay up late into the night chatting and drinking in the hotel bar. When they were dancing on stage together, it was clear she only had eyes for him.”

“In sound check on the day of the last show, the pair started falling about in fits of giggles over a private joke. It was as if they were a couple. Malik shot her cheeky winks across the stage and showered her with hugs. Katy was clearly loving the attention.”

The source added: “They insist they are just good friends but their closeness has set tongues wagging in the camp.”

Do you think Malik is Katy’s new BF or do you think they’re really just friends?