How Katy Perry REALLY Let Russell Brand Know It’s Totally Over

Whether they are regular folk or celebs, in this day and age you tend find out about a couples‘ breakup via social media. For us regular folk, you find out via Facebook, when the “In a relationship” status changes to “Single” and for celebs, it’s when the Internet reports of a split. For Katy Perry, that gesture was in a little button that reads “Unfollow.” The 27-year-old “The One That Got Away” singer unfollowed her soon-to-be-ex husband Russell Brand from Twitter reports E! Online, making it known that the two are completely and utterly OVER.

Such a small gesture, but in the social media-saturated world we live in today, that move speaks volumes.

Did Russell follow suit and unfollow his former lady love? Not yet! But then again he hasn’t updated his profile since January 5th.

Katy finally updated her Twitter, tweeting about her excitement over her final show date on her California Dreams tour.

Would you unfollow your ex on Twitter to make a statement?