Daniel Radcliffe And Robert Pattinson Are NOT Friends!

They’re both British and costarred in Harry Potter together way before the days of Twilight, but Daniel Radcliffe dropped a bomb that his relationship with Robert Pattinson is not quite what everyone thinks it is! The 22-year-old The Woman In Black actor appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show on January 21st and started what could be a major Twilight vs. Harry Potter war – in more ways than one!

When asked about his friendship with Twilight star and his 25-year-old former Potter costar, DanRad revealed that the two aren’t good friends like everyone assumes.

“We have a very strange relationship now since we only communicate through journalists,” he says. “We haven’t seen each other in ages, everyone assumes we are great mates. But I’ve met him, he’s a lovely guy.”

So they’re not BFFs? Bummer!

Watch the interview below:

Jonathan then asked Daniel if Harry Potter could destroy the vampires in Twilight, to which Daniel responded: “Oh yes, with no question!”

Oh snap!

Do you agree with Daniel’s statement that Harry Potter could totally destroy Twilight vampires? Are you surprised he and RPattz aren’t friends?