Circle Pit! Warped Tour Doc, ‘No Room For Rock Stars’ Has Release Date

The Vans Warped Tour has been a staple of my summer since I was 16-years-old and was permitted to pile into a car with friends to make the journey to the closest venue in New England. This sentiment is similar for a lot of music fans my age. Each summer, thousands of kids and hundreds of bands head out for a day packed with sweat, live music and mosh pits.

As a fan, it’s just one exhausting day of fun in the sun, but for the bands on the tour, it’s an entirely different experience. The Warped Tour has been an incredible platform for new bands to gain exposure for over 15 years, but the tour also tests their talent and stamina as they journey across the US and Canada.

A new documentary, “No Room For Rock Stars” gives fans an inside look as to what it takes to make this tour happen each day and how grueling it can be out on the road.

The footage was filmed during the 2010 Warped Tour and Never Shout Never‘s Christofer Drew‘s experience is highlighted as he faces the ups and downs of the taxing tour. And it’s not all peace and love.

Over 300 hours of footage were filmed to make the documentary that tells the tale of the underdog bands as well as the veterans. Take a look at the trailer here!

You can see the full documentary in select theatres in the US or via iTunes on April 2nd and DVD May 8th.

Would you want to see a documentary about the Van’s Warped Tour?