Top 5 NYE Fashion Don’ts

1) Don’t dress in Forever 21 head-to-toe. You will not only look tacky, but at least 100 other girls will be wearing the same look. You can still stay on a budget and look chic by mixing and matching from specialty boutiques, thrift stores, chain stores like Forever and H&M and even vintage items from your mom’s closet.

2) Have fun with your makeup, but DON’T go over the top with colored faux lashes remember it’s NYE… not Halloween.

3) Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes! You don’t want to be that girl who takes off her shoes before the end of the night. Make sure you can wear them till next year (;

4) Don’t try a drastic look on the day of! If you want to cut or dye your hair make sure you do it at least a few days before so you can fix it if it doesn’t turn out the way you imagined

5) Don’t show cleavage and leg at the same time! If you want to rock those micro mini sequin shorts, make sure to add a chic blazer, not a fitted crop top. You can look sexy and classy without showing it all off! you want to portray lady with a glamorous night life, not ‘lady of the night’.

Everyone have a happy and safe NYE!! Make sure you don’t drink & drive (:


Jazmin Whitley