Kat Von D’s Clothing Line Is A ‘Pleasant Surprise’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone knows famed tattoo artist, Kat Von D is about as unique as they come. Her style and personality is a major stand out, so when it was announced that she’s was launching a clothing line, KvD Los Angeles, many were expecting it to mirror her alternativelifestyle and eclectic taste.

Well fashionistas, before you decide to pass judgement and make assumptions, Kat says she took special care to show different side of herself through a collection of finer garments including harem pants, fringed tanks and tailored jackets.

“It was easy to predict that most people would be pleasantly surprised by the sophistication of the line,” she told PEOPLE. “By no means am I rebelling from my ‘tattoo roots,’ but I am showing the world what truly inspires me.”

The inspiration she’s talking about is experiences and observations within her surroundings.

“The inspiration [for the line] varies from elements of nature to architecture, to love letters, and all things from time passed, with a modern romantic approach,” the former L.A. Ink star explained.

We’re pretty stoked for the Spring 2012 collection! Will you wear Kat’s new line of clothes?