Happy Birthday To Me!

Today it’s my 21 bday and for the occasion I made this little video with Britney!

I worked really hard on this video but I’m really satisfied of the result!The editing is really simple, not too much coloring effects because I think the song and the clips make the 99% of the video!

I’m simply obsessed with this song (I just adore Coldplay) and the first time I heard it I thought to dedicated to my Queen Britney!

Basically it talks about a dream Britney does and she dreamt about her future and what will happen; while in the first part I wanted to show Britney’s pure soul and her sweetness and how much strong she is and also that when she was a little girl she didn’t expect to fight against a lot of stuff, because when you are young you think the world is a really paradise and it’s also what the song talks about!

This is what my video talks about, so I hope you like it and if you don’t, simply don’t watch it and watch what really you like! 😉

I sent this video also for BVA 2012 (Britney Video Awards 2012) 😉

Love xoxo

Song: ParadiseArtist: ColdplayAlbum: Mylo Xyloto