Getting Results: The V is for Victory Photo Round Up

Howdy Buzznet!

How goes your internets today? Does it make you dance, dance, dance? Mayhaps it makes you meow, meow, meow. It might even make you say sexy things to yourself. We are all kitty cats. I am okay with that.

Anypoots, last week Sany83 gave us the task at blogging about Victory. Her inspiration was the evil string of Christmas lights and some bulbs that didn’t work. She tried extra hard and eventually got all the decorations up:

I like this particular quote from Sany’s blog:

“Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Sometimes, even small things can give us the feeling of triumph.”

Tis very true, at least to me. What a great assignment! Let’s take a look at what “victory” means to some of us:

Look at Hovis being all victorious over the waves! One of his toys was lost in the sea foam but he managed to find it with his mega powers of finding. Go Hovis!

Jane and the victory of hearts. She posted this because she wins at love. Read her post here: Winnar!

Pishelle: Victory over exams

Meghan93: Supporter of hockey playing brother 4 ever.

JJ and the Squirrely Victory (and a victory for getting the shot she wanted)

Victory baby by Lory

A strange victory for Brittany

My mother would be proud now that I have put something on the walls of my prison-esque apartment.Victory!

Did we miss you? Let us know if you did this project and weren’t included. We are a friendly lot and you should come and play with us. Anyway, the new assignment should be up today or tomorrow or whenever. Thanks to all those that shared your concept of VICTORY! with us.

Hugs and ponies,