The Fiercest Faces of Tyra Banks: Happy Birthday Tyra!

As a renowned, working model since she was in the 11th grade, Tyra Banks knows a thing or two on what a model’s face needs to look like at all times. The supermodel/actress/talk show hostess has proven herself to be quite the expert on the art of the facial expression, as seen on her now-defunct talk show the Tyra Banks Show and her model competition show America’s Next Top Model.

In honor of Tyra’s birthday today, let’s get together and celebrate… faces and all!


Come, join in on our Tyra Banks GIF party!

But first, you MUST whip your hair. MUST.

Learn Tyra’s signature look: her FIERCE faces…

Remember: when in doubt, channel your inner fierce monster

And never forget to always be FIERCE!

Which “fierce” face of Tyra Banks is your favorite?