Three For Free #7: Three Of The Best Free Songs On The Internet

It’s impossible to watch TV without hearing the words “economic crisis” but fear not, financial worriers because once again I bring three freebies to please your ears. So keep your chin up and sit back and listen.

Coastal Cities

Who said nothing good ever came out of getting into trouble, eh? Well whoever said that is wrong because Coastal Cities were in fact formed in detention. They met at school in 2009 which yes, does make them very young. However, they are starting to make an impact as US lifestyle mag Nylon decided to give away the Brit boys new single “No Room For Heroes”. According to Nylon they sound like “what you’d find if The Drums performed on a cloudy English beach” so if you like the idea of “Let’s Go Surfing” being sung in on a Cornwall beach mid-winter, you might want to give this a listen.

Coastal Cities- No Room For Heroes by NYLONmag

Official links: Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD

Girl In A Coma

Fancy a freebie from this threesome? I think you do. Well luckily for you, have got “Smart” available from their site for one week only, so go there NOW (well when I saw ‘now’, I mean after you’ve spent your hours lovingly reading every little nook and cranny of Buzznet’s blog of course). You can watch the video below:

Official links: Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD


Want to get aquainted with some mancunian music pre-release? Why of course you do, so here’s your chance for a sneak peak of new six piece Folks’ upcoming 2012 album. Thanks to Glasswerk, I stumbled upon the fact their song “Skull and Bones” is being given away on their Soundcloud. You can listen below to get familiar before commiting to the download button.

Skull and Bones by wearefolks

Official links: Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD

So what do you think? Which is your favourite?

And…what free music have you stumbled upon yourself recently?