Three For Free #6: The Ready Set Gives Away “Paratrooper” And More

So whilst this week’s Three For Free may be a little late, it was worth waiting for because it brings you news of a new free download from The Ready Set released to the interwebs, so you can’t be angry at me for too long, right?

The Ready Set

Your headlining freebie comes from Mr Jordan Witzigreuter who unleashed his song “Paratrooper” online for 100% free. “So what’s the catch?” I hear you cry, well all you need to do is send a tweet and the track is yours – result!

Official links: Website, Twitter, Facebook, DOWNLOAD LINK

Marvelous Darlings

Featured earlier today as Rolling Stone’s Free Download was Marvelous Darlings (the side project of Matt Delong and F*cked Up’s Ben Cook)’s “I Don’t Wanna Go to the Party”. It was written waaay back in 2005 but can now finally weave its way into your music collection thanks to RS giving it away.

Official links:, Do these guys exist on the internet?, DOWNLOAD LINK

Lisa Michelle

Fancy a bit of neo soul for nothing? Well you’re in luck because Lisa Michelle (no, not the Lisa Michelle Dixon you get in Google Images when you search her name) is letting her fans have her new single “Cross My Mind” for the friendly fee of free. You can listen below:

Cross My Mind by LisaMichelle

Official links: Website, Twitter, Facebook, DOWNLOAD LINK

So which is your favourite?

What free songs have you stumbled upon recently?