It’s strange time of year–the holidays mean family and lots of cozy, happy things–but we’re also getting holiday spirit shoved down our throats in the form of advertising. Do you want 15% off 20% off BOGO free shipping gift with purchase today only complimentary enter the code join the club? MADNESS, I TELL YOU. Before we get super into GIVING let’s get the GETTING/BUYING/MEMEME out of the way. Here is a playlist to indulge your materialistic demons:

Cobra Starship – The City Is At War

Money – The Flying Lizards

Forever The Sickest Kids – Good Life

Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl

Metric – Gold Guns Girls

Black Cards – Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Fame

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Rich

Lady Gaga – Beautiful Dirty Rich

Katy Perry – If You Can Afford Me

Ke$ha – Party at a Rich Dude’s House

Good Charlotte – Girls and Boys

Madonna – Material Girl

What would you put on this playlist?