Let’s talk about American Horror Story


So I got super sick over the holiday break and couldn’t get out of bed for 2 of those days–thus, I started watching AHS and got HOOKED.

My thoughts on it so far:

  1. Lots of theorizing/fan activity around this show. I feel like the last show that was like this was LOST.
  2. I hate the intro. That’s not even music. What is that? Can we do something about it for Season 2?
  3. I don’t find Tate attractive in the least but I GET IT.
  4. I think I’m most fascinated with young Moira / Old Moira
  5. I’m probably never going to buy a house now, without first getting it inspected by like… an excorcist.
  6. Violet is kind of a badass. But how has she not been to school for 2 weeks? Some theories say she is already dead.
  7. Constance. I don’t even know what to do with that bag of crazy.

Ok. Discuss.