Style & Design Icon: Kelly Wearstler

How do I even begin describing Kelly Wearstler?

It was a dark and stormy night (probably), on the internet, circa 2008, when I was googling for inspiration on how to design my old loft. I had just discovered the most perfect style of interior design called Hollywood Regency–and once one knows about Hollywood Regency, finding Kelly Wearstler’s work is just a google keyword away. She is perhaps best known for her bold interpretations of this type of glamorous design, though really, as I would soon discover, she is incredibly multi-dimensional and seemingly capable of just about anything.

Her work is daring, luxurious, sometimes bizarre, often electric… every room she touches feels like its own little world, maybe a French palace or under the sea or somewhere in China, but always fresh, never familiar.

Aside from designing interiors, you may have seen her as one of the more quirkily dressed judges on Top Design, or perhaps you’ve caught wind of her new ready-to-wear clothing line (called Kelly Wearstler). Not to mention her line of wallpaper, and rugs, and sculpture, and on and on. She is a queen of design, and her personal style is no less impressive. Wearstler has been such a huge inspiration to me over the past few years. Behold and fall in love.