Heart2Heart: What Kind of Trickery Is This?

Today in Lance Bass must be punking us, a video has been released by a band called Heart2Heart called (wait for it…. wait for it….) FACEBOOK OFFICIAL.

The former N-Sync performer is backing this boy band, and appears in the first few seconds of this whack-ass music video. Please watch, and then we will discuss:

My first thought is…

But let’s break it down even further:

What is this face Chadbrochill is making at is? It makes me feel raped.
Someone call Stereo Skyline and tell them about this identity theft!

They keep making these faces and… I just…

I mean, what was the direction here? Also, did he get punched by a squirrel?

I didn’t even make it all the way through. They’re f*cking with us, right? But since when does Lance Bass have a sense of humor?