Dakota Fanning Gets an NYC Apartment – and We Get Peeksies!

Actress Dakota Fanning is getting into gear for school by renting out a two bedroom apartment in New York City while she attends NYU.

The Simple-Chic flat looks absolutely perfect for Dakota, but according TooFab there is no news yet on whether or not she will be using that second bedroom for a roommate or personal use.

Let’s take a tour of her new place, shall we?

(Cutesy dining area)
(Adorably semi-spacious kitchen)
(Lightly lavish livingroom)
(Simple and subtle bathroom)
(Airy bedroom)

So how much will Kota be dishing out on this apartment?$8,400 a month!

That includes a 24 hour Doorman and this:

(Rooftop deck with fantastic views of NYC)

I don’t know about you, but i’m a little jelly!

I bet she is going to have a blast while at NYU… so long as fellow building dweller John Mayer leaves our Kota alone! What do you think of her off-campus abode?