Adele Covers War: Katy Perry V Panic! At The Disco

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With Adele being the biggest artist right now and all that, she’s certainly influencing many other musicians (although The Guardian have been less than favorable about the wave of “New Boring” she has caused). Peter Robinson‘s thoughts aside, Adele covers are certainly becoming a staple of many fall tours. This week, we got to see performances from both Panic! At The Disco and Katy Perry. Two very different artists giving two very different versions of two not so different songs. Let the battle commence.

Katy Perry

To celebrate bringing her tour to the UK, Katy Perry paid ‘tribute’ to Britain’s most successful singer by blending in “Someone Like You” with her own “The One That Got Away”. Ironically, the Sheffield Arena audience seem to know the words better to Adele’s chorus than Perry’s own. Awkward. And yes, this was recorded this week (the hair’s a wig).

Panic! At The Disco

Brought to my attention by French fansite Decaydance Fans, P!ATD have been performing a ‘rocked up’ version of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. Complete with a little bit of throat vocals. Brendon’s hoarse voice works well, but that was probably more due to a sore throat than anything else.

Who sings it better, P!ATD, Katy Perry or erm, Adele?

Who would you like to see sing Adele’s songs (other than Adele)?