What is Taylor Lautner’s SURPRISING Fear? (Hint: It’s Not Vampires!)

You fell in love with him as the werewolf hunk Jacob Black in the Twilight movies, but admit it: you’re just a tad curious how Taylor Lautner will fare (sans his wolfpack) in his new movie Abduction!

Tay-Tay graces the October issue cover of Seventeen magazine, much to the delight of teen fans everywhere. He also dishes to Seventeen about getting physical in the new movie, working on relationships and his surprising fear.

For his role in the upcoming movie, Taylor had to brush up on some old wrestling skills. “Abduction was super physical for me,” he said. “I’d never boxed before, so I had to train for a couple of months. The last time I wrestled was when I was six years old, so I had to work on that.”

Another thing he had to work on: his fear of motorcycles. (Yes, MOTORCYCLES!)

“It was a legit street racing bike,” Taylor spoke of one of his action-packed scenes in Abduction. “And I’m not the biggest motorcycle fan—they’re cool and a lot of fun, but they’re scary as well!” Could have fooled us Taylor, especially with all those bike scenes in Twilight!

While motorcycles may scare him, Taylor doesn’t seem too afraid of relationships. His words of wisdom: “It’s important to work through things in a relationship. You can’t just give up because you’re frustrated. It’s most important to talk things through together.”

Great words of advice Tay-Tay. Jacob Black, are you listening?

Taylor Lautner is currently on the October 2011 issue of Seventeen magazine.

Were you surprised that Taylor is scared of motorcycles? What’s your biggest fear?