Miley Cyrus’ Adult-Like Photos For ‘Prestige Magazine’: ‘I’m Not a Bad Girl’

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It seems like just yesterday the starlet put on her blonde wig and rocked out as Hannah Montana. Now, 18-year-old Miley Cyrus smolders on the cover of Prestige Magazine’s September issue!

Notorious for “growing up too fast,” Miley told the magazine:

“I’m not a bad girl!”

Cyrus continued to state what she plans to do with her acting in her upcoming flick So Undercover:

“I’ve got kind of a weird, dark sense of humor, really dry humor, so I would love to do more comedies. But not the comedies that people have seen me in. There’s a comedy that I’m working on now and it’s something a little darker.”

Check out photos below from her shoot with Prestige.

Does she look older than 18? Should she be posing in lingerie? Or does Miley look fabulous and fashionable? Think she really isn’t a bad girl? Share your thoughts!