Is That Lady Gaga? Mother Monster Goes Au Natural For Second ‘You and I’ Music Video!

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Never underestimate how far or where Gaga will take things. The singer decided to release a second music video for her single “You and I,” with much less crazy makeup and outfits and just a very simplistic and beautiful Gaga! She took to her twitter to write:

“Didn’t just shoot one Yoü And I music video. Five more fashion films to come by Inez and Vinoodh.”

“In collaboration with INEZ+VINOODH. The first in a series. Little Monsters, here’s “You and I: NYMPH”

Check out her NYMPH “You and I” video below!

Now compare it to her original “You and I” video, made with a crazy storyline, bizarre outfits, crazy makeup, and puzzling acting.

Do you like her first video better? What do you think of Gaga’s natural look? Should she do more natural fashion films or are they not as interesting as her normal music videos? Share your thoughts!