Kids In Glass Houses On Video Shoot Announce New Single – Two Days After Their Record Label

When KIGH frontman Aled Phillips took to Twitter this morning to reveal the band were on a video shoot (and to complain about the weather), he was instantly bombarded with ‘What song’s it for?’ @replies but little did they know (or he know) that the single had already been announced.

So what is the single in question? Not In This World. Aled says it was inspired by “sin and the story of Adam and Eve“. It also explains his feelings on the fact that “people should embrace temptation at times”. Besides all that, it’s also a very good song.

The single artwork has already been unveiled by RoadRunner Records along with a release date of October 24th. As for the video? Well, so far Aled’s eaten mud, and the rest have kept their mouths shut (apart from drummer Philip Jenkins who also hates the weather, but is being slightly more optimistic) – presumably, because they don’t want soil for their brunch. Good luck, boys! In the mean time, we can watch this acoustic session from The Fly courtyard sessions all nice and dry and warm. (If you haven’t heard the song yet, you’ll soon pick up on the Adam & Eve lyrical reference).

Are you pleased with the choice of single?

What do you think will be the next song lifted from ‘In Gold Blood’?