Gym Class Heroes Delaying the Release of ‘The Papercut Chronicles II’

Okay folks, take a deep breath and calm the beating of your stereo hearts, because I have some bad news: Gym Class Heroes will be moving the release date of their upcoming album The Papercut Chronicles II.

The album was scheduled to release on October 25th, however, GCH has announced a slight change in plans: the album will now release on November 15th.

From their official website:

We have a sick batch of songs that are almost finished, but we just need a little more time to make sure we deliver you guys the album you deserve. That being said, we’re pushing the release date back a few weeks to November 15th to put the finishing touches on the album.

Honestly, I’m cool with waiting a few more weeks for new material, especially if it contains Travie McCoy rapping in Spanish.