Charlie Sheen Gives Ashton Kutcher Advice About ‘Men’

It’s no secret that Charlie Sheen was booted from his successful CBS show Two and a Half Men earlier this year. Adding fuel to the fire, things didn’t look so good for Charlie when he was killed off the show never to return again, and was replaced by younger actor Ashton Kutcher. Burn!

Looks like Charlie is intent on making things right again. Last night at the Emmys, before presenting the award for best lead actor in a television series (which he sadly referred to as his “old category”) Charlie wanted “to take a moment to get something off my chest and say a few words to everyone here from Two and a Half Men.

“From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. We spent eight wonderful years together and I know you will continue to make great television.”

And the kind words don’t stop there! Apparently Charlie and Ashton bumped into each other backstage at the Emmys. The encounter could have easily been an awkward situation, but it seems that Charlie was on his utmost best behavior – even giving Ashton some advice!

Charlie tweeted this:

He also posted this photo in the tweet, supposedly of the two bonding:

Charlie also gave Ashton a shout out on his Twitter, along with the top photo:

Looks like Charlie’s REALLY trying to play nice. Maybe he’ll magically come back from the dead and guest star on his old show?

How do you think Ashton will do replacing Charlie on Two and a Half Men? Do you think Charlie Sheen will ever get back on Two and a Half Men, or has he burned bridges?