Jay- Z is by far the dopest rapper alive. I love him sooooooo much. He is so much more than a rapper. Shawn Carter is an artist. He is also notorious for being such an amazing business man. I have so much respect for him. He is the best, and I don’t care if anyone says otherwise. His lyrics actually have depth to them, he comes up with sick beats, and he crushes ANYONE that tries to compete with him. My dad and Jay have worked together for many years. I have had the pleassure of meeting Jay and the lovely Beyonce on many occasions, they are soooooo sweet and down to earth. Every time I have been around them they just give off such an awesome energy. I have also had the opportunity to be able to see both Jay & Beyonce in concert many times. They are both such excellent performers, I never want to leave when their shows are over. As for Kanye, he tried to make a come back after the whole Taylor Swift incident. Even though he made great music, he didn’t really officially make a big comeback. I think ‘Watch The Throne’ is going to be what catpults him back in the game. Kanye is also a talented artist, I’m glad he chose to collaborate with Jay for this album. I had the chance to listen to ‘Watch the Throne’. IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING ALBUM. I am so excited for it to officially be released. Jay totally deserves his succes. I am soooo happy for him.

This is a track I found on YouTube. There are others posted on YouTube too, go check em out!! ….What are your thoughts? Do you think this album will do well? How many of you plan on attended their ‘Watch The Throne’ tour? I know I am!! xo