This is Kabuki

Kabuki is my friend Ran’s dog/child. She is one of the sweetest animals I have ever met and has spent many a night attempting to displace me from the couch when I crashed at Ran’s place. Her film credits include playing Rome in our “hit” film (as in “we should be beaten for having made it in the first place”) “New Moon in $50.”

Unfortunately, Kabuki is ill. Ran detailed it on Facebook:

Kabuki’s got a tumor on her spleen. The mass is approximately 6x3cm and is displacing her other organs, to the point that an original x-ray suggested her liver and intestines were smaller than normal. Splenetic tumors carry a risk of bleeding into the abdomen—and since the spleen filters blood, that means a bleed could very quickly lead to my dog bleeding out. Add in how the vet said a small bleed is likely what floored her on Thursday morning, and things become urgent.

The standard treatment for this type of tumor is to have the spleen itself removed, as it’s not a necessary organ and as the other option—have the tumor aspirated, have a biopsy tested, and look into chemotherapy—leads to all the troubles with chemo as well as the risk of the aspiration itself triggering a bleed.

In order to raise money for Kabuki’s surgery, Ran is having a MASSIVE sale at her Etsy full of shiny things. Gonna use her words here as well:

The coupon code KABUKI20 will give you 20% off anything in my etsy store,

Yes, I will do customs. I will also finally get to the new works (and some of the just random works) I’ve had at shows but have never gotten around to putting up online. I don’t know that I’ll put up a paypal address for donations because I hate the idea of standing here with a hand out; I’d rather offer people something in return.

Her jewelry is fantastic, she does amazing work and right now Kabuki needs it. So, head over to her Etsy and take a look.