Life Lessons With Adventure Time: Episode 2.2 – Tree Trunks

Since I know that everyone is ready to party, let’s get this party started. Today’s episode is “Tree Trunks.” We’ve seen TT in earlier episodes of Adventure Time but this is her first breakout performance role. She was even nominated in the “Cutest Use of Womanly Charms & Animal Prowess” catergory of the Oscars for this episode. It’s true. I read it on Wikipedia.

Anymeows, Tree Trunks is a little elephant that is all mega cute. She always means well, talks with a drawl, and always wants to believe the best in people. That is her power.

The episode starts off with Finn and Jake doing sword fighting as Tree Trunks calls them to her little house to have some pie. As our adventurers get ready to chow down, a fly lands on Tree Trunks pie and she gets all upset:

Much to the chagrin of Jake and Finn, she tosses the pie in the trash. Never fear, for there is a back up pie in the oven! As the boys are chowing down on the pie, TT poses the following deep thought, “Finn, what would you do if you could do anything?

Finn says that he would catch a shooting star to outer space and fight space monster. Jake says that he would carve his face on the moon so that the moon could look like his face. When TT is asked this question, she says that she would go pick an apple. Not just any apple, mind you, but the “Crystal Gem Apple,” which grows at the deepest end of the evil, dark forest.

Naturally, Jake and Finn know that TT must go and pick this apple, and our adventure begins. Here are some photos that I shall share with you from the episode that hopefully don’t give away everything:

This is TT riding on Finn. She has many goodies in that basket.

Tree Trunks makes a friend.

Meet the Wall of Flesh. This thing is mean but since TT wants to just be BFFS with it, she busts out her collection of stickers from her picnic basket. We have a rainbow sticker, a scratch and sniff pickle sticker, and a unicorn hologram sticker of a unicorn without a horn. I have made a gif for you to enjoy:


Here we see TT getting ready to have a picnic with her other new friends, sign post zombies. She doesn’t know they want hurt her. Also, if you look closely, you can see “the snail.” The snail is pretty much in every episode except for two of them. We shall no commence with “Snail Watch” in each of our reviews or maybe you all can find the snail for extra fun!

This is Finn, all jacked up after he prevents TT from getting attacked by the zombies.

This is the “Snake Armed Ruby Brain Beast.” TT tries to help out with this battle by:

This doesn’t exactly work and Finn gets mega angry and yells at Tree Trunks:

As TT begins to wander off because Finn was a butt, she finds her treasure:

Since it’s all magical and stuff, it’s being guarded by a Crystal Guardian:

When Finn tries to battle it, his hand gets hurt and then he makes a weird face. Tree Trunks stays out of the battle while Jake and Finn come up with a clever plan to defeat the Crystal Guardian, Tree Trunks style:

With the Crystal Guardian out of the picture, Tree Trunks gets her prize:

Hooray! The end that they show on this isn’t the end that the Adventure Time team had in mind. They had to change it because Cartoon Network thought that the way the episode ended was a bit much for the tiny childrens that watch the show. The ending doesn’t make sense and that’s why. THE MORE YOU KNOW!

Anyway, that’s it! Here’s the wrap up:

Awesome Word Count:

0 Algebraic0 Mathmatical1 Radical

Weird Stuff:

Tree Trunks is the sexiest adventurer. Tree Trunks has multiple pies baking at once. Finn’s sword makes its first appearance.

What did we learn?

1. Always have a back up pie in the oven in case something happens to the first one.2. Don’t disregard your friends because they want to believe that everyone is still awesome. Just be there for them when they find out this isn’t so. 3. You can never care too much. 4. Don’t yell at your friends. That’s not cool, bro. 5. Be aware of your surroundings. 6. You can be nice to people you don’t know, but listen to your friends when you don’t know for sure. 7. Always take time to dance:

See you next week!