We had a tragedy here in my town on thursday. A father and his 5 year old son went kayaking off of the Kings Park Bluff on thursday morning. He was a 41 year old husband and father and a NYPD cop for 21 years. The boy was miraculously found floating in the water by a boater on his way to Connecticut. He had a lifejacket on which saved his life. The kayak was found up by the shoreline and it wasn’t until friday afternoon that his fathers body was found quite far out by another boater. They were searching for him all though thurday and over the nighttime hours. But sadly he didn’t survive. To think he worked in one of the hardest places to work in NYC and he died doing what he loved here in his own town. The bluff has claimed 5 lives now I believe and the water there has a strong current. Their kayak was hit by another boats wake and tipped it over. I wish everyone would wear a lifejacket no matter how experienced they are at boating ~

Officer Patrick Luca leaves behind a wife and two children : (

This was taken in the fall it’s one of my favorite places to take photos I just wish there weren’t any sad stories that go along with this place : (