Kerli Shares What Kreayshawn’s ‘White Girl Mob’ Can Learn from Her ‘Moonchildren’

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Off in the realms of Fantasyland, Kerli tweeted a pic of herself with MTV VMA Best New Artist nominee Kreayshawn together. Both women are emerging artists who have already inspired armies of fans, but the their music, personal style and scene are completely divergent. Who would have ever thought that the Queen of Bubble Goth would ever befriend the likes of the leader of the White Girl Mob? Definitely not me. Or you, probably. I’ll take a gamble and say you’re joining me in this confusion.

Check Kerli’s twitpic:

We were super stoked to hear that these two were swaggin’ it up together, and we were dying to know more! Check out what Kerli had to say about the budding friendship:

Buzznet: How did you and Kreayshawn meet?

Kerli: We met at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City.

B: What is your favorite thing about Kreayshawn’s style?

K: it’s effortless.

B: If you could give her a Kerli style makeover, what would you do?

K: Not much else than add some insane handmade shoes

B: Would you ever do a collaboration with her? If so, what do you think it would sound like?

K: It would sound like The White girl Mob growing wings

B: Have you met her sidekick and stylist Lil Debbie?

K: yes:) They’re an awesome bunch

B: What can the Moonchildren teach The White Girl Mob?

K: integrity, love and unity:)

B: Is Kreayshawn going to direct your next video?

K: If she were to direct my next video, I’d like her to bring some of her epic and NOT basic “i don’t give a s**t” attitude into my ethereal bubblegoth world.

The dream team duo Kerli and Kreayshawn will be performing a show together in Spokane, Washington on September 3rd:

What are your thoughts on this mix-matched duo? Would you love to see Kerli and Kreayshawn together?