What’s In My Bag: Summer Jet Setting

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I feel like I haven’t been in once place longer then three weeks since April! I can’t tell if I love that or hate it. Either way it keeps me busy and on the go. Im back on the east side now trying to balance some time to relax inbetween friends, family, work, unpacking, planning the next two collections and getting ready for a mini trip to Vermont. Waffle is so happy im home, or happy im here to feed her treats. It’s kinda scaring me its almost mid August. Im not going to let the summer get away from me that quick. Still need to make time to float on my pretzel raft in the pool, make home made watermelon mint freeze pops and lavender lemonaid and not to mention lay on the beach with cucumber face masks. I think I may need to plan a end of summer sleepover night with friends. Clueless, at home facials and all tons of summer treats with home made fresh fruit cocktails!

Im going to make an end of summer list, things everyone should do before September!