Back to School with That’s Outrageous! Guitarist Joe Jensen

Back to School! There’s little we can do to ease the pain of biology labs or hideous P.E. uniforms–but we DID ask some of your fave musicians about their high school experience. That’s Outrageous! guitarist Joe Jensen pranked his way through his teen years. You gotta read all about it:

What were your extracurricular activities? Believe it or not, i was on a break dancing team called the Thunder Cats. If you ever come out to one of our shows; just ask me to bust out a windmill or two! I’d be stoked to display my skills XD!

What was your high school’s mascot?Kind of lame, but it was a duck named Tidy. I absolutely hated the thing.. Especially the meat head that was in the suit haha.

Did you ever write down a REALLY ridiculous answer on a test?Yes! The whole school had to do this survey (one of those tests that you fill in the bubbles), Me and a few friends of mine decided to fill out all of our tests.. differently. We filled in the bubbles to spellout the word BONER. There was five of us total, so each of us had our own letter. We got such a kick out of it, however, putting our names on the tests wasn’t the smartest idea we’ve ever had..

If you could have gone to any fictional high school, which one would it have been?

I’m a HUGE Harry Potter nerd, so i’d definitely choose Hogwarts for sure!

Favorite place to hang or hide at your school?If i wasn’t in class, i was at our lunch table either

a.) Sleeping orb.) Sleeping

What did you usually eat for lunch?Chicken sandwich with pickles, lettuce and mayo. Fries, and a strawberry milk. EVERYDAY. Most people hated it, but it was kind of a guilty pleasure of mine haha.

Were you ever bullied? If so, how did you deal with it?I was never bullied. I made friends all the clicks in high school, so bullying was never really an issue for me. However, if i ever saw someone getting bullied, i’d be the first to jump right in and stop it. There’s absolutely no reason to bully someone, ever.

What song, band or album do you most identify with your high school experience?

Brand New – Deja Entendu. Sums up everything i went through in high school. It’s still my favorite album to this day!

What was the most trouble you ever got in, and what was it for?It wasn’t just me that got in trouble for this, it was my whole entire friend circle. It’s a Saturday night, you’re with all your friends, and you have nothing to do. What’s the dumbest thing a bunch of seventeen year old kids can do on a Saturday night? If you guessed sneaking into your high school, and taking a huge dump on the school seal then you’re right! We got in so much trouble for this! We didn’t know there was not one, not two, but THREE cameras pointing at the school seal. Being seventeen ruled.

Which high school from a music video would you want to go to?

The only one that comes to mind is The Starting Line – Three’s A Charm. Such an incredible song and band! If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you check it out! Reminds me of my high school years for sure!

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