The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Costumes On Official Music Videos

Continue my travel along all my 13 favorite stuff about Britney, after have talked about my fav songs and choroes, I would like to talk you about my 13 fav costumes she wore in their music videos. It’s been a hard choice because in a lot of videos she has more than an only one outfit or costume, and this blog took me away a little bit more of time than the other ones.

I have to say that all Britney costumes in her music videos are stunning, but those are my fav ever!

In this chart you will see a lot of studs, lace and leather clothes, fur jackets and belly tops 😉

13. Baby One More Time – School girl outfit

This look simply signed an era. When you say Britney Spears you talk about her school girl outfit in Baby One More Time music video. She launched a trend and all the girls at that time showed her belly and wore tight tops and skirts. It’s definetly a milestone in Britney costumes.

12. Piece of me – Sparkling Top, Fur Jacket, Torn Jeans And Red Heels

It’s 2007, Britney passed bad moments, but here she’s fucking perfect in this outfit! She shows all her sensuality in this sparkling black top combined with a short fur jacket, really tight torn jeans and wonderful red heels. Showing her belly as in BOMT and her wonderufl curves. Here her second baby had just an year, and two years before she gave birth her first one. She was damn great for to have been pregnant twice.

11. Boys – Violet Dress

When I watched the first time this video I fell in love with this amazing dress. It brings out every centimeter of her wonderful body. The shade in the bottom rends the outfit even more sexy.

Britney combined also two sparkling earrings of the same color of her makeup

10. Everytime – Corset, White Shirt and White Leather Jacket

White is the color of the pureness and I always thought Britney is a pure soul and the imagine of the pureness. And this outfit rends this idea of mine. She’s gorgeous with this white leather jacket, a oversize white shirt, a lace corset and heels.

9. Radar – Yellow outfit

I don’t know if all of you noticed this awesome yellow dress in Radar music video. I did and it’s been love at first sight, especially for those stunning heels.

8. Overprotected – Jeans and studs outfit

I dreamt for this outfit since the first time I saw it. I hope to have the occasion to work it about this because I’m in love. Once again Britney shows her wonderful abs and her belly piercing, a trend in the early 2000s

7. I love rock’n’roll – Leather Pants and Black Fur/Leather Jacket

Show me something in leather and I will be yours. I’m freaking in love with this style, every Britney style is gorgeous and she suits it in an awesome way, always keeping her sensuality never aggressive.

6. Hold It Against Me – Leather Costume

Leather one more time. I know, I’m obsessed. And Britney wears leather in a wonderful way, she’s damn sexy. 9 years passed from I Love Rock’n’Roll Music Video and she always keeps her sensuality and I have to stop myself and say: Wait a minute! She’s 29 years old here. She has a beautiful light on her face and on her body that not all the girls at her age are so great like her, especially after two babies.

5. Womanizer – Red hair and leather outfit

Leather, leather, leather xD Britney rocks in this outfit, she’s outrageous, sexy, beautiful, simply perfect! And this hair color rends her once again more wonderful than she is.

4. Do Somethin’ – Love Boat Top and Black Pants

I know for sure that what Britney wears in this video is in her closet because I saw her with this cute LOVE BOAT tee top once shot by paparazzi. Underneath she has a violet net top, and one more time a fur hot pink short jacket. Love also the pants with different length, they are cool. But the piece I love the most is the dice keyring, awww adorable!!

3. Till The World Ends – Tie Ruffled Dress

I want so bad this awesome outfit. I love the line, the materials and the colour. Britney is so sexy in it and once again she wears a dress that point out her curves. It’s a MARCO MARCO design, I love this stylist, in Femme Fatale era, he wore Britney a lot of time.

2. I’m a slave for you – Leather pants and hot pink bra

This outfit is my deepest obsession. Since 2001 I’m completely addicted to it and I want to make it one for me too! Britney is at the top of her sensuality here, and also in the outfit I’ve chosen for the first position of this chart. Hot pink bra, leather pants with hot pink clothes and leather slip on the pants: 100% sensualty! It’s hot in here, baby!

1. Toxic – Diamond Bodysuit

When Toxic has been shot the shooting for these scenes was kept 100% top secret, everyone was damn curious about the final result and it couldn’t to be only that awesome! She’s a real Goddess in this bodysuit full of sparkling diamond little stones. The perfection made person!


The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Costumes On Live Concerts