SYTYCD Top 10 Dancers On The Return Of The All-Stars & Pasha Pasha Pasha

Last night at SYTYCD I watched the Top 10 perform with this week’s All Stars! I was excited to interview them after the show because some, like Comfort, Melody and Kathryn are good friends of mine. It felt like a little reunion and it was cool to be able to interview them! Kathryn was pretty confused as to what I was doing with a microphone haha. Comfort chatted with us about how fast her routine was and how Busta Rhymes sings so fast, it was nearly impossibly to even pick-up the lyrics. Marko, Caitlynn, Mitchell and Melanie discussed Pasha with me! Ahhh, Pash, Pasha, Pasha. THIS IS PASHA:

I mean come on ladies, a man with that body and face AND that can move his hips like that… 😡 Twitch stopped by and we got to talk about how he feels about the contestants this year. And, last but not least all-star Robert showed off his glitter arms from his amazing Bollywood routine with Clarice. We also found out we have the same birthday!

Which All- Star dance was your favorite? Watch last nights performance here!