Question of the Day: How Do You Like Your Coffee?

As I was milling about Buzznet this morning, I found a lovely doodle by DesertPhreak. Below the doodle, he said that today was probably going to a pot or two (of coffee). I then went to the “coffee” tag page and looked at all the nummerz ways that you all like to enjoy your coffee. Whether it is in frappucinos, iced, or just shot directly into your veins, there are many ways to enjoy coffee.

Candle’s Nectar of the Gods

OMG WUT EVEN DO WANT – by TheRealThing

I mostly like my coffee black, sans sugar. Oh and mega stong so that my eyes can feel like they are popping out of my head all day. If I get coffee from shops and stuff, I usually just get them iced because well, let me tell you a story.

Okay. So. You know how when coffee is steamed in coffee houses? Well those little milk wands for doing such are GROSS. People never clean them correctly because they are pain in the bullocks to clean and no one really cares. I used to clean the wand I at the coffee shop I worked at back in the day and CHUNKS of milk used to fall out of it and I used to vomit in my mouth. UGH IT WAS ALL THE AWFULS. So yeah. That is why I will only get iced coffee drinks.

Coffee from Portland’s Red & Black Cafe – Everything there was vegan and nothing hurt

So. Some questions for you shall now follow that now that I am doing wanking to how wonderful coffee is. Do you like coffee? If you don’t, why not? What is your favorite kind of coffee (if you do like)? Where do you go when you get coffee? TELL ME EVERYTHING.

How do you like your coffee?