My Guide To Astrolgy

As you may or have not know, I live by Astrology! Reading my horoscopes first thing in the morning is like clock work for me, sometimes I cheat and read it the night before. Its like a fortune made especially for you, what’s not to like? Right now we are on our third and final eclipse in the last month. Eclipses are big shakers and movers. I have two astrology sites that I go by. The first is Susan Miller is a genius, I also have her iphone application! She does a month long horoscope for each sign, I recommend reading it once at the start and once at twards the end of the month with jotting down important notes.

My second refernce site is Zoe Moon Astrology // I have gotten readings done by her in the past and they are so fun and enlightening. She breaks the horoscopes down by week and weekends. This is a really good site if your planning a trip or want to know how your week is looking!

Go check what this eclipse is doing to your sign and how you can counteract it! Im a Leo with a Leo rising, double Leo watch out! Whats are your signs? I hope this helped.

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