A Bald Move

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I’ve recently come across an article talking about the latest trend to hit the Tokyo Fashion Scene. This trend is amongst the Gyaru Fashion Subculture and one that has come as quite a shock to me.

Just to explain a little before I share the trend, Gyaru is a fashion subculture in Japan, and though it is classed as such, the foundation of the movement is to be ‘mainstream.’ The girls and guys that follow this style usually re-create the latest fashion, latest hair styles, latest make up and often follow the trends seen in magazines such as ‘Egg’ as well as a lot of celebrity trends. The whole look is usually very cute, childlike and fun, so when I found out about this, Iwas quite shocked:

Yup…the shaved head is apparently the latest trend to hit the Gyaru Scene and I have to say… well, I don’t really know what to say! It’s a huge transformation for this very popular style movement and one that I doubt will stick around for very long.

“The Gals” (girls who follow Gyaru) are always changing their hair, mainly with the use of wigs and extensions. It’s rare for the girls to dye their hair, let alone shave it, but apparently both dying and shaving are very much ‘in’ at the moment (pink is the most popular colour, fyi).

I guess it just shows how much Tokyo has to offer in terms of creativity and self expression. They are certainly not shy of trying new things and just being themselves… not really caring about others’ opinions. Although I’m not a fan of the shaved head, this trend really just adds to why I adore Japan’s culture and fashion scene so much. (One day Tokyo… I will meet you :-))

So, what do you think?


(i would like to thank TokyoFashion for the images used in this post)