Yellowcard Covers Katy Perry’s E.T.

Yellowcard love their girl pop–back in 2003 they covered Michelle Branch’s ‘Everywhere‘ for the Punk Goes Pop comp, they’ve been known to have shameless Ke$ha/Gaga/Britney listening sessions on their tour bus–so it makes sense that they would take on Katy Perry‘s ‘E.T.’ for’s Mashup Monday.

In the Q & A video, singer Ryan Key credits twitter for the catalyst of the Good Charlotte / Yellowcard tour that just ended in Orlando, FL. last night.

“Benji from Good Charlotte reached out via Twitter–not even directly, he just put the @ sign for Yellowcard and said ‘Im really excited for this record‘ and that kinda got us talking on there, then we got more in touch on the phone and email.”

Key also mentioned how GC was all about “keeping everyone in a postitive headspace.”

Photo by Rachel Been for

Yellowcard recently announced fall tour dates. For a full list of upcoming shows, go here.

Photo by KatieJRod

So whatcha think of this cover?