Question of the Day: If You Could Interview Anyone For Buzznet, Who Would It Be And Why?

If I could interview anyone in the entire world, I would probably interview Trent Reznor. Actually, I would probably just sit in a chair across from him, touch his face, shake my head, shed a single tear, and leave. I would maybe come back and ask him if he and Alan Rickman ever met and shook hands, would they cause a violent explosion (as one of them is the anti-particle version of the other)? Who would ever know that I interviewed him if that happened? NO ONE.

I would want to interview him beecause he seems like he hates everything and that everything is always sad and then he swears sometimes. That, in a nutshell, is how I feel inside. I also pretty much described every NIN song ever.

If you could interview anyone for Buzznet, who would it be and why?