We The Kings Twitterview — Send in Your Questions!

Buzznet favorites We The Kings are currently ramping up for the release of their third album “Sunshine State of Mind” and getting ready to take their Friday Is Forever tour across the United States. Their devoted fans can catch them on the road starting July 10th, in Missouri and throughout the summer. WTK also just released their music video for the new single ‘Friday Is Forever’ (Buzznet was even on the set!). Check out the video below…

Even though We the Kings are currently in Israel and will be about to start their Friday Is Forever tour, the guys are taking a second to answer YOUR questions during an exclusive Buzznet Twitterview on July 6th at 4:30pm PST!

Got questions? They’ll be answered. Follow Buzznet and We The Kings on Twitter, and on July 6th at 4:30 PST, get ready to send in your questions!