Gens D’Ys – XI TRISKELL (June 18, 2011) [3]

GENS D’YS Gens d’Ys bring their performance in almost all of Italy – from Milan to Rome, from Aosta to Trieste – in France, Switzerland and Germany. Thinking to the beginnings linked to the tradition, now the path is clear: in the wake of the thrilling Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, Gens d’Ys offer exciting and varied exhibitions in which the study of the past is now a solid base for more dynamic rhthms. The various moments of the show, marked by frequent change of costumes, alternate folk dances with surprising revisited traditional steps, performed with the heavy shoes. The dances are both traditional and original arrangements. At the end of the show there is always an audience involvement in group dances that recreate that true dimension of feast, which is the salt of their passion. In some situations there is the singer Elettra – supported by two excellent musicians: Vittoria (guitar) and Sarah (violin) – which, combined with dancing, transports the audience to dream upon sweet Breton, Scottish and Irish melodies.