Flashback Friday: Remember These 90’s Pop Groups?

With 90s boy bands New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys kicking off their NKOTBSB summer tour (with Matthew Morrison joining them in July), I can’t help but reminisce about the rest of the pop groups of the 90s that were super popular back in the day.

The 90s spawned a plethora of boy bands and girl groups – and even some co-ed pop groups! At the height of the baby boom of pop in the late 90s, it seemed that everywhere you turned, a brand new group was popping up. There were the longer lasting groups like New Kids and Backstreet (who are STILL touring) as well as Hanson (who have, like, 10 albums out), the ones with shorter lived careers – and then there were a ton of one-hit wonders who were never heard of again.

Here’s a throwback of 15 pop groups from the 90s:


Once upon a time, Justin Timberlake was just a 16-year-old boy in a band sporting athletic gear and bleached blonde hair. Those days are gone. And unfortunately, so are the days of ‘NSYNC – sorry ‘NSYNC fans!

Backstreet Boys

Their single didn’t make too much sense when the Boys first hit the scene in 1997, but it does now: BACKSTREET’S BACK ya’ll! And they’ve scooped up New Kids on the Block on the way. KTBSPA!


Fun fact: Britney Spears was originally a member of this girl group that was managed by Justin Timberlake’s mama Lynn Harless, but left the group to go solo.

All Saints

As one of the most successful British pop groups of the 1990s, All Saints definitely “know where it’s at”!


As one of the first reality TV show-made boy bands, the boys of O-Town were pioneers in their own right. After their inevitable break-up in 2003, earlier this year it was announced that 4 out of the 5 members were getting together and recording new music. It was rumored that they would be opening up for the NKOTBSB tour, but it looks like that turned out to be false. Guess fans will just have to wait for their own tour!

Spice Girls

With lyrics like “If you wanna be my lover/You gotta get with my friends/Make it last forever/Friendship never ends,” the Spice Girls were all about girl power. The fierce quintet broke up in 2000 (then as a quartet) but reunited in 2007 for a reunion tour.

No Authority

Their lyrics may not be super-deep (“Can I get your number baby?/Hit me with the seven digits!”), but what the Southern California-based fellas of No Authority lacked in depth, they made up in energy. Perfect to party on the beach with!


The trio that hailed from Youngstown, OH (thus their name) broke onto the scene with their song “I’ll Be Your Everything” from the Matthew Broderick movie, Inspector Gadget. Betcha didn’t know there was a less-than-kid-friendly version of the track!


Put together in 1993, Irish boy band Boyzone‘s biggest hit was their song “No Matter What,” which has some interesting background: it was originally written for an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and was also sung by Meat Loaf. Random.


You may not have heard their other songs “Doctor Jones” or “Turn Back Time” (no, NOT a Cher cover) – but chances are you have DEFINITELY heard Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” back in the day!


With summer just around the corner, this LFO summer anthem “Summer Girls” no doubt took over more than a few radios in the late 90s.

S Club 7

What important lesson did we learn in the 90s from the co-ed 7 person pop group S Club 7? That “there ain’t no party like an S Club party”!


As one of the more provocative boy bands of the 90s, British boy band 5ive covered up their lyrics for the grown-and-sexy by shooting videos in bowling alleys (such as this one) and a car race track.

98 Degrees

Only a 90s boy band whose members look like they should be firefighters (yes, that would be you 98 Degrees) would have Screech at the end of their video.


When Hanson’s “MMMBop” first came out in 1997, many dismissed them as a one-hit wonder. But 14 years later, they’re still putting out records and playing shows!

Which of these 90s pop groups do you remember? Which ones did you actually listen to?