Cobra Starship Debuts The Video for “You Make Me Feel” ft Sabi

Oh, Cobra Starship. How far you’ve come.

For better or for worse (I will withhold my judgment on that for now) the band has grown from their “80’s throwback band cheerleaded by an astral cobra from the future” roots. And now, they’ve premiered their first video for their upcoming new album Nightshades, a song called “You Make Me Feel” featuring Sabi. The song has a catchy hook and can make you dance, but how does the video rate?

You know, this band is still full of really, really ridiculously good looking people (I’d kind of like their individual “Feeling” frames as desktop wallpapers), and the video has some great, strong points to it, especially the diversity in the people shown in it. But…well…I’ll just say it:


What do you guys think?