Buzznet at Bonnaroo: Festival Style

If by this point you didn’t know that Buzznet was at Bonnaroo, you must have been tromping around the site, hands glued to your eyelids for a good week. If you suffer from that particular malady, let us give you the cure. We got to see firsthand the inhumane heat, the great bands, and we (by we, we mean mostly Jac Vanek) got to participate in exclusive interviews with bands like Grace Potter, Neon Trees, The Drums, Band of Skulls and Hanni El-Khatib. We also saw tons of girls and boys showing off their personal style in the Tennessee sun and had the oppotunity to chat with some of them.

Check out this final video that just shows to a tee the entire feel of the laid-back festival that took place last weekend! It’ll feel like you were there, promise.

Thirsty for more? Check out the street style galleries here and here.

What was your favorite post of Bonnaroo coverage?