Buzznet Arrives at Bonnaroo 2011: Scene, Style, and People

Bonnaroo kicked off on Thursday, getting a head start on the weekend with a flurry of excited concert attendees, dressed to withstand the sweltering heat (this includes everything from Speedos to hopefully heat-resistant wigs). Can you imagine being surrounded by 100,000 sweaty bodies with no real escape except the brim of your hat?

The festival is already set to be the concert goer’s dream, once you discount the near 100 degree weather. User-friendly trash cans were marked “Landfill” “Compost” and “Recycling”, tons of artists had set up their own booths to market their products, and celebrities like Sophia Bush were spotted enjoying their weekend. Since they are celebrating their 10th year of festival mastery this year, Bonnaroo chose to put up tribute graffiti pieces of past headliners like Jay-Z and Bob Dylan around the grounds.

Other forms of merriment included the marriage ceremony of Sara and Harley Autry, who chose to tie the knot in the festival they had called home for three years, and a giant inflatable water slide set up in an attempt to keep the kids cool.


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