Andy Six on Breaking His Ribs: ‘I Was Trying To Fly’

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Okay, so maybe he was joking when he told AP yesterday that he was attempting to take flight, but Andy Six did admit that his injury was due to a misestimation of the distance of the leap he took during the band’s album release show on Saturday.

The Black Veil Brides singer broke three ribs when he slammed into a pillar during their performance at the Hollywood Hot Topic, where they were promoting their new album, Set The World On Fire. He persevered and finished the band’s set, but was rushed to the hospital immediately following the show.

Now, he’s recuperating at home with his mother and friends to keep him company.

I’m pretty heavily medicated right now, and I can’t really feel my extremities, because if I move too often I run the risk of those pieces of bone shifting and stabbing me, and sort of causing internal bleeding—and there’s also one very near my lung, that could potentially collapse it…if I don’t move often enough, the excess bone will kind of sit there and cause blood clots inside me, so I have to at least get up and try to walk several times a day. (source: AP)

The rest of the band left for Warped Tour earlier this week, and Six hopes to join them ASAP. He says his doctors are advising him otherwise, but he thinks that fans still deserve to see the show, even if he can’t perform to the best of his abilities.

The thing is, I know what I did was dumb, and now I have to pay the price—and unfortunately, that means missing the first week or so of Warped, which is not good…I’m not going to go out and do it if I feel like I can’t move, because I don’t want to ruin my body permanently so I can never perform again…I know I’m not going to be able to perform to the best of my abilities, but I feel like the fans at least deserve to see the show in some capacity. (source: AP)

It’s great to see him in such good spirits despite his injuries. Get well soon, Andy!

Watch the video of his fall, and be sure to stay updated with the latest in Warped news.

Do you think he should head out on the road with Warped Tour this summer, or stay home and rest?