30 Days Song Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – I discovered MaterDea, an Italian celtic rock band, yesterday at Triskell celtic festival and I fell in love with their melodies and sound.

MaterDea born from a collaboration between two musicians, Simon Papa and Marco Strega, respectively singer and guitarist of the band. MaterDea offers a fascinating journey through the rarefied and dreamy atmosphere of Celtic music resting on a solid rock frame. The common denominator of this project – in addition to music locations in which the inspired and expressive voice of Simon overlaps Marco’s powerful and elegant guitars – are the lyrics in which natural elements, wondrous creatures and fantastic stories contribute to drag the listener in a surreal dimension, bringing him in contact with the ancient cult of the Great Mother.

In MaterDea band, the feminine energy interacts with the male one in a harmonious and complementary way, giving a feature of charm and power that together enrich with strong emotional impact the live performance of the group.

In the first album “Below the mists, above the Brambles” the English organ player John Whelan appears as a special guest in the beautiful ballad “Another trip to Skye” interpreted here with an original text writer by MaterDea.

MaterDea – An Elder Flute