Tarja blog #9 – In Bonn!

May 9, 2011

We have been on the road for almost 2 weeks now. It’s been a great tour over all. I am very happy with the band, crew, venues, night liner, the lovely weather, etc.

Only thing that was bothering me was the fact that I got pretty sick in Russia and because of that I was not able to do during those days, things as I am used to. I know that many of you wanted to meet me after my shows, but it was just impossible. I was having high fever for many days and couldn’t take the risk of getting even worse.

Furthermore, I didn’t even have a voice to say “hi”…. That’s how the pressure kicks in when you are touring and there is nothing you can do about it rather than to rest. I still had to keep on doing my shows. I hope you understand

Anyway; my condition is already getting better. I want to thank all you people for taking time getting me medicines, lovely health teas, natural healing products, and sending me comforting letters and wishes. You are just amazing! You really care and I feel it. Thank you!

The shows in St. Petersburg and Moscow were wonderful. Everybody in the band got a bit surprised about the huge amount of people at the venues. It seems there is something important happening in Russia for me at the moment. I am very happy to receive such love and care. We played “Anteroom of Death” for the first time live and believe me, I was nervous since my fans had so many times requested that song. I really hope you love it in the set It’s a pretty special song to me.

After Moscow show we rushed to the airport and nearly didn’t make it to Belgium. The traffic jam was just insane and even though the airport was only 3 km away, we didn’t move at all for a long time. Luckily the airline company waited for us for half an hour, so we could make it.

It was a pleasure to sing for Belgians. Antwerp is rather small, but very pretty town. Unfortunately I only got out of the hotel for dinner, so couldn’t see as much as I would have liked to. We started our journey with the night liner from Belgium on and I was happy to jump in to our beautiful bus with our kind driver Sebastien.

We’ve done 4 shows in Germany already. It’s been fun to be with Liv Kristine who is always so nice and having a good mood. I got a chance to visit a real beer garden in Munich and have a little taste of that culture in the Mecca of beer. I have always liked the city of Munich and the weather was just perfect for a little stroll in the city. The concert was sold out, but it wouldn’t be the last one on this tour! Wow.

It was also very nice to visit my old school city of Karlsruhe. I never had a rock concert there, so it felt really special to me. The people seemed to enjoy it as much I did even though I thought it was hotter inside of the venue than in a Finnish sauna!

We Finns would say: Oli hyvät löylyt!

After the show I met my dear friend Izumi, who you might remember from Noche Escandinava. She looks gorgeous by the way.

Yesterday we rocked one of my favourite places, Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland. It was worth to visit it once again and as usual the place was packed!

The three shows in a row anyway took its dime, so it’s been good to have rest for a day now. Bonn is the pretty and quiet city of Beethoven. Tomorrow we shall rock this city.

With love, Tarja