Sassy Magazine’s Jane Pratt Launches, We Feel a Bit Underwhelmed

When Tavi broke the news that she and Jane Pratt were working on a website together back in November the entire internet stood up and cheered, and fashion girls everywhere lost 10% of their souls to jealousy. So when launched this morning, we were filled to the teeth with hope and expectation. While we knew it wasn’t going to be Sassy all over again (although admittedly we secretly wished for this), we thought the combined powers of Jane Pratt, Tavi, and the internet would change the world as we knew it.

But…it didn’t. At least not yet. Upon perusing the site this morning, a few things became quite clear. First, there was a noticable lack of any Tavi anything, save for some email correspondence documented by Jane’s iPhone (we’re not sure how we feel about the window into Jane Pratt’s iPhone, which so far is just a stream of congralutory texts and emails from friends, including the one below from Michael Stipe). So far they’ve already posted about Pepto-Bismol facials, daring to wear really ugly clothes, and being called old then crying about it. The rest of the articles are a mixed bag, some funny stuff, some trying to be funny stuff, some psycho stuff (see: I Obsessively Monitor My Husband’s Lube Bottle), and some stuff I actually couldn’t be bothered to read because it sounded so boring (see: Ask Natalie: Why Do People Keep Stealing My Dang Laptop Chargers?).

While we’re not entirely sure the internet needs more places “where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded”, Sassy changed our lives so we’re not writing Ms. Pratt off yet. But for the time being we’ll stick to The Hairpin.